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Brickwork provides a rich and durable finish to any building. Unfortunately, if this brickwork is not properly maintained, every masonry joint as well as every brick can serve as a point of entry for water. Old mortar joints can deteriorate and crumble leaving a breech in the facade for water intrusion. Cracks in the masonry, originally hairline in size, over period of time, with moisture freezing and thawing, develop into larger cracks creating additional sources for leaks.


A process that renews mortar joints in masonry construction.  Removing loose or cracked mortar from brickwork or stone and replacing it with new mortar to ensure structural integrity, seal out water and moisture. Masonry units - brick, stone, block, pre-cast or architectural terra-cotta can be 'repointed' to prevent moisture penetration, heat loss and damage to interior walls.   


Cleaning & Sealing

Reasons for cleaning exterior masonry structures vary from simple cosmetic improvement to removal of dirt and micro-organisms that cause structural deterioration.

Lintel Replacement & Restoration

Lintels carry the load of brickwork from above an opening like doors and windows.  In some instances, lintels can become faulty and crack.  In turn, surrounding walls become dangerously unstable.
Brick/Masonry Restoration Services:
* Tuckpointing
* Waterproofing
* Cleaning
* Sealing
* Shelf Angle Inspections
* Lintel Replacement & Restoration

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